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So I was away from internet for sometime, I closed my shops and so, and I wasn’t responding to messages on tumblr. If any of you felt ignored - I’m sorry.

My anxiety neurosis (not sure if this is how it is called in english) get so bad recently I couldn’t really function normally. I’m still on meds now and it is better, but I can’t really work.

Still I want to make things, handwork helps me focus so my friends and husband will be running my shops for me now. It is very important to me financially too, as due to my mental problems I don’t have job at the moment and the meds are expensive. I have big confidence in my friends and hope that they will menage with running etsy (and my husband the webshop) - they all have things to do, and yet they decided to sacrifice their own free time so I can get busy again as it helps me get better.

So they opened a shop, a ‘little geekery shop’, you can visit it here .

I’m slowly coming back to normal life, so I hope I’ll be on tumblr more often :)

old drawing, but I never uploaded it anywhere. Available as phone cases and soon on redbubble


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[Gowron was my favorite Klingon until we met Martok. Then I was like “Gowron who?”]

at :)


I have read enough fanfiction to know where that is going

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Rock on, gold dust woman
Take your silver spoon and dig your grave…

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am i too late or


am i too late or

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list of people i like:

  1. dogs

2. cats

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giveaway ended yesterday, I’ll post winners later today :)

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The entire trilogy in just one scene.


the hobbit: an unexpected hot dwarf

the hobbit: the desolation of feels

the hobbit: the battle of the five stages of grief

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a bit of my favourite music from my country.

I grown up listening to Marek Grechuta and I’m always coming back to his songs when autumn is coming…



sometimes i forget that the marvel universe is actually fictional

#don’t listen to the lies  (x)

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